Ion Cleanse Foot Bath
Crescenterra Health Center now has available a valuable and effective body detoxification system.  
The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath is a popular whole body detoxification method that will fit with a busy
lifestyle.  The typical treatment is 35 minutes, in which you sit with your feet in warm salt water,
while the ion pump sits in the water with your feet.  Over the time that the ionizer is working, the
color and consistency of the water will change, depending on the toxins being removed from your
body. Research has shown which colors mean which organs are releasing toxins, so your body
can be “read” through the colors of the water.  For example, black flakes that sink are consistent
with heavy metals releasing, while dark brown material means the liver is flushing. With a series
of ion cleanses, the water color changes less and less, as you clear your body of heavy metals,
viruses, pharmaceuticals, yeast, chemicals from your work or the air, and incomplete metabolism.

How does it work?
Based on Bioenergetics, it creates an energy field similar to that found in the human body.  The
ionizer causes an ionic charge in the water, which stimulates our body to pass the toxins out
through the feet. It stimulates cellular energy to enhance the body’s ability to release these toxins,
while correcting the pH balance (making us more alkaline) and enhancing energy levels.

Who can benefit?
Anyone!  But the foot baths are not recommended for those who have organ transplants,
pacemakers, or are pregnant or nursing.  It is effective for children with autism, learning difficulties,
or other problems that may be associated with heavy metal toxicity, though is not suggested for
children under age 5.  This system simplifies the cleansing process, so that the elderly or those
who don’t want to do more rigorous cleansing methods may benefit.

How much does it cost?  How can I schedule?
The first foot bath is just $2
0, and subsequent baths are $40.  Children under age 18 are always
0.  Packages are available just ask for the current promotion.
Bring a book and relax while you soak!  Call Crescenterra to schedule, at 651-917-3990.  You do
not need to be a present client to schedule a foot bath.  ANYONE WELCOME!
We are constantly assaulted by pollutants from the environment, and in our daily
practices.  The toxins build up in our systems, and cause various problems, keeping us
from experiencing wellness.  We must actively work to detoxify our bodies, and there are a
number of ways to do this.
Why do we need to cleanse?
Many toxic factors predispose us to illness and aging.  These include:  allergies, metabolic by-products, anxiety,
emotional stress, genetic disorders, pharmaceuticals (including anesthesia), excess sugar or fat, nutritional
deficiencies, environmental poisons, heavy metals, infectious agents, smoking, poor hygiene, lack of sleep, structural
disabilities, and other noxious agents (hair and cosmetic chemicals, car repair and household cleaning chemicals,
for example.) The human body uses four primary organs to eliminate toxins from our system:  skin, lungs, urinary
tract, and bowels.  Our liver cleanses the blood, and its products are released into the bowels.  Skin problems are an
outer sign of toxicity or infection within.  

Detoxification is a two-part process: 1) loosening or freeing the toxins from the body’s tissues, and 2) expelling the
toxins from the body.  The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath includes both of these aspects.
Aging is a gradual accumulation of toxic chemicals and other substances in the body which cause cellular
destabilization and resultant catastrophic breakdown of tissue homeostasis. There is an inevitability to this aging
process. Even the most ardent adherents to a healthy lifestyle will experience some form of damage from toxic
material that we absorb from the environment.

Although the absorption of toxins is initially unnoticed, the gradual poisoning of one's physiology eventually becomes
the source of chronic disease and fatal systemic failure. Such an insidious, inescapable process is the reason that
detoxification is now accepted as a major component of anti-aging medicine.

How can the Ion Cleanse help?
You could benefit from the following:

  •  Reduced joint pain and back pain
  •  Improved skin tone and clarity
  •  Fewer wrinkles
  •  Reduced sleep problems and restlessness
  •  Improved hormone function
  •  Reduced Candida symptoms

Phone for your appointment and we will be happy to serve you!