Reconnective Therapy
The Energy Body

In order to understand how Reconnective Therapy works, it is important to understand the
relationship between force and matter.  The energy body contains everything we ever felt, thought and
did, all of our possible futures and even more than that. The physical body is the expression of the
energetic body in this three-dimensional realm in which we live.

In the majority of people, the physical body is expressing a tiny little bit of the vastness of the
energetic body.  Above a certain layer of frequency, the energy body holds the information about
perfect body and mind structure and function. This is what we connect in Reconnective Therapy
treatments. Based on the above, we can conclude that sickness does not originate in the physical
body, but in the energy body.

The Way Reconnective Therapy Works

When you look at the parts of the energy body that relate to dysfunctional areas of the physical body,
you see missing connections between the energy body and the physical body. These missing
connections deprive the related areas of the body from energy as well as from the information that
the body needs to maintain its structure and function.

Let’s use cancer as an example. The energy body contains the information for the specific function of
every cell. If a cell is deprived of this information for a long period of time, it will gradually forget how to
function and will finally be left with the basic programming in itself, which is to grow. This is what we
call cancer.

In the energy body, you can see the interrupted connections that allow the manifestation of this
disease.  There are many factors that can cause disconnections of the energetic body from the
physical body. Emotional or physical trauma, severe illnesses, environmental stress, long lasting
destructive emotional or mental patterns, etc. are all examples.

Reconnective Therapy restores connections between the energy body and the physical body. When
these connections are reestablished, information and energy become available to the dysfunctional
areas, and the body can restore itself to proper structure and function. This occurs in the physical
body, and in the related emotional and mental structures.

This method of treatment is similar to homeopathy in that the cause of the illness or dysfunction is
not important. It is only important to restore the energetic connections. This allows every pattern
related to the dysfunction to heal. Usually the healing occurs without the reliving of old emotional or
physical trauma.

Reconnective Therapy connections are facilitated through resonance. The information the body
wants to connect to vibrates on a certain frequency and, during treatment, the therapist provides this
frequency in his or her body, thus allowing the body of the patient to resonate to it. Once the
resonance effect becomes strong enough, which usually is a matter of a few seconds, the
connections cross over. It is my experience that once these connections are made, they stay. So far I
have never had to do the same connection twice.

Because Reconnective Therapy works through resonance, there is no energy exchange between the
therapist and the client and with this no manipulation of energy whatsoever. The client’s body
determines the connections. The therapist serves solely as a catalyst for whatever connections the
body of the client chooses to make.

The Range of Reconnective Therapy

The whole range of RCT is more than just the healing of physical, emotional and mental dysfunction.
It can only be understood by looking at the process humanity is going through at this time. Earth and
every living being on her seem to be transforming into a different state of being on a much higher

The information needed for this transformation is in specific layers or frequencies of the energetic
body. In the vast majority of people, these frequencies are not connected to the physical body. With
RCT, some of the tools and access have been given to connect the body to these frequencies. It is
beautiful to see the change in structure that begins to transform the body into higher and higher
vibration. It is a very profound change; it changes everything from the genetic code to the energy body
structure, even down to the inner structure of the matter of the physical body. This process allows us
to embody far more of who we really are and to live it here on this planet.
“We all carry the knowledge for perfect well-being within us. This knowledge
is contained in our energy body. The energy body is the force that builds the
physical body and holds the templates for perfect body and mind structure
and function. It contains all our feelings, thoughts, memories and possible
futures. We lose our well being when connections between the energy body
and the physical body are broken.
Reconnective Therapy (RCT) is a healing
art that facilitates connections between the energy body and the physical

“When missing connections in the energetic body are restored, the related
dysfunctional area in the physical body receives more complete information
and energy and so can restructure itself properly. This restructuring not only
happens in the physical body, it also happens in the related emotional and
mental structures. And with this restoration, every pattern related to the
dysfunction will heal. Usually with this treatment, people do not have to
remember and work through old emotional traumas. With the restoration of
the energetic connections they just heal.”     

Herwig Schoen,
Developer of  
Reconnective Therapy