Shamanic Healing Classes
    Andean Shamanism with Mary Rutherford

This new series of classes focuses on personal growth and healing through Andean shamanic
techniques, with a North American flavor.

Through a series of approximately eight monthly meetings, we will explore the systems of seeking
knowledge and healing using concepts from the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Andes.  
These people, the Incas and pre-Incas, were masters of managing energy and communicating
with the world of the spirits.  Their sacred archeological sites are complex and mysterious, a
reflection of their cosmology.

The classes will teach both self-healing techniques, and some systems to be used on others, if
you desire.  The purpose is to heal our past (where all healing must start), and emerge into our life
as a light-carrier and peaceful warrior.

We will begin by learning the Andean concepts of the energy body and physical body, health and
healing. We will learn to communicate with trees, stones, and animal guides or spirits.  Each
person will develop and build a personal mesa, or altar.  

We will cover, in the first few months, journeying to the “other worlds” to seek healing and
communicate with spirit guides; Soul Retrieval techniques; using shamanic techniques to deal with
specific issues, such as facing fears, releasing foreign energies, and manifesting one’s dreams. I
have seen the world through an eagle’s eyes

Class Details:

This ongoing class will meet approximately once per month, beginning March 26, 2011, and
continuing on the fourth Saturday of the month, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.   

Cost for each class: $100.00.   ($100.00 deposit will be applied to the last class.)

Location:  Minnetonka, Minnesota   

About Mary Rutherford:  Mary has been a seeker of the mystery ways for 40 years, and has studied
the shamanic traditions of the Peruvian and Native North American peoples. She has traveled to
remote regions of the Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest to work with indigenous healers
and shamans. Mary has taught workshops across the United States, and has developed a unique
process to restore the integrity of the energy body as well as the spirit. She combines her expertise
in anthropology, psychology, and transformational healing methods to guide people to new vision
and deep personal change.  She is the founder and director of Crescenterra Health Center, in St.

To register: Contact Mary Rutherford at 651-485-4270, email:  Send $100
deposit, made out to her, to: 245 No. Prior Ave., St. Paul, MN  55104

Informational Meetings:

If you are interested in meeting to explore or confirm your interest in this class, please email me
regarding your interest.  I will be scheduling a couple of Informational Meetings at which you can
learn more about the class.  (There is no charge for this meeting.)